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Friday, October 30, 2009

Lighted LEGO Corner Cafe HOTEL sign

This hotel sign from LEGO 10182 Corner Cafe now features 15 LEDs with concealed wiring all connected to 5 channels of an eLite Advanced (http://lifelites.com/products/7). For more information about LifeLites products check out www.lifelites.com. For more information about LEGO lighting modification check out www.brickmodder.net.

If you are interested in having this custom modification done to your 10182 Corner Cafe hotel sign, please send an email to info@brickmodder.net. Modification time was 4 hours. Final cost is $125 plus your parts plus shipping. Video after the jump.


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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

eLite Jr. Preorder ends soon!

You have until March 29th to take advantage of the $15 eLite Jr. preorder. After that, the eLite Jr. will be $20 so you better hurry!

Release date is coming soon for the Jr. We've already ordered the first batch to fill the preorders. We should have them within the next 3 weeks (cross your fingers!). Sorry it's taking longer than expected, but the microchip manufacturer is backordered on our chip until May. I pulled some strings and paid extra to secure a small batch of them for you guys (and gals)! Keep the faith! The eLite Jr.s is coming...

For those of you who ordered other product along with your eLite Jr. preorder, please be patient. We will ship soon and all your product will go out at the same time. If you need your other product sooner, please email us and let us know.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

LifeLites in Space contest!

It seems over the past year (wow, a year already?!) that we've received tons of photos and videos from you showcasing your great creational talents using our little lighting systems. We've seen TONS of firetrucks, and other emergency vehicles among the mix of some pretty ingenious MOCs. But where are the star cruisers, the drop ships, or the space stations?

Introducing the "LifeLites in Space" contest. We invite you to build any size, any color, any shape MOC in the theme of "space" that you can possibly dream up. The only rules are:
  1. You must include a LifeLites eLite kit in your creation
  2. The MOC must be an original creation made by YOU
  3. You must submit at least 1 photo and 1 short video of your MOC
  4. All entries must be received by September 19, 2008 11:59pm GMT-6 (CST)
There will be a panel of 4 judges who will judge entries based on aesthetics, building techniques, and creativity. Winners will be notified via email, so make sure you give us you contact information. Email your entry videos and photos (or links to them) to spacecontest@lifelites.com.

First place winners will receive a LifeLites eLite PF kit.
Second place winners will receive a LifeLites eLite Basic kit.
Third place (and below) winners get laughed at for not winning. Better luck next time, losers!

If you have questions, post them in the comments below. More information about LifeLites products can be found at LifeLites.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Brickmodder Labs wants your input!

Do you have any interest in any of the following items? Hint: some of these *might* be in R&D right now ;)

  • LifeLites eLite "megaboard"
    8+2 outputs and ability to plug in up to 80 LEDs. Works with 9v and Power Functions. Includes 40 LED cables to get you started. Could be available with any (one) of the current generation programs.

  • LifeLites eLite Jr.
    2x3 board in custom housing. On board battery, on board switch, 4 outputs. Ready to plug and play out of the box. Includes 4 LED cables. One sequence with available subsequences per unit.

  • LifeLites eLite "masterboard"
    something similar to the megaboard with more control. Have control over multiple functions simultaneously and independantly. Works with 9v and Power Functions. Includes 48 LED cables (full set). Could be available with up to 6 output arrays. each controlling up to 8 LEDs individually.

  • LifeLites eLite Pro
    The same 2x4, 8 output size as is currently available with a new twist. This one has almost full user setup control where users can choose what lights flash, alternately flash, stay on or off, and more. Comes standard with 8 LED cables. Provides even better functionality with Power Functions.
You guys discuss it! We'll be watching the comment section...

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